Make your home for sale available to everyone

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As a busy agent here in Las Vegas, I have seen a disturbing trend.  Homes are being sold before they get to MLS and often by a buyer being represented by the listing agent.  I have represented both parties in a transaction before and I will again in the future, but I will only do it with full disclosure to all parties and only when it’s mutually beneficial to the buyer and seller.  The Las Vegas homes being sold these days are being sold below market value to investors that are trying to circumvent MLS.  The investors are tempting listing agents with extra commissions and listing agents are taking the bait.  This serves to get the listing agent more money but the money to the seller is diminished because the home doesn’t have the benefit of being presented to all the buyers in our market.  There are buyers that will pay more for the home, but never get a chance.

The impact of this trend is negative in a variety of ways but none more that the holding down of home prices.  We have owner occupant buyers that will pay more and many that will ignore a low appraisal and come out of pocket for the difference to buy the home.

If your listing agent tempts you with the idea that they have an investor client that will take your home right away, give it some thought first.  Wouldn’t you rather let the entire market set the price of your home?  That applies to “short sales’ too.  The bank holding the note will still want you to get the best price possible.  Don’t be tempted to take the first offer.  Take the best one!