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Rick Cenname is on LV Real Estate Radio

Harvey and his band of expert contributors are coming at you with an ALL NEW LV Real Estate Radio at 11 AM! This week, he’s joined by Equity Title of Nevada’s Rick Cenname.

Rick certainly knows his stuff! During his appearance, he’s talking with Harvey about property profiles and why they’re important. Did you know that property profiles can show documents and liens recorded against a property? Curious how many HOAs rule over your property? A Property profile can determine that too! Interested in finding out how to get your property profile? Tune in to hear what Rick has to say at 11 AM!

Next, Harvey has a plethora of information for you folks this week. Even though the event isn’t until October 8th, our 7th Annual Chefs for Kids Golf Tournament is right around the corner! Sound appealing? Find out more information from Harvey here (or visit this link). In addition, he has some revealing facts about overpricing your home. How can you tell if your home is overpriced? Are there thresholds you should be conscious of? Get the down-low plus Reality Realities and Headlines vs. Reality from Harvey right here! Put your listening ears on and tune in to AM720 KDWN at 11 AM!

As always, please be sure to tune in each and EVERY Saturday at 11 AM to LV Real Estate Radio on AM720 KDWN.