Find Homes in a Las Vegas Gated Community

Gated communities are among the most sought after living locations in much of the West Coast and beyond. Many of these communities received national ranking for their high-class living arrangements, facilities and homes. Gated communities offer their residents additional security and peace of mind not found in non-gated residential communities. That explains their growing popularity.

Gated Community Security

Most Las Vegas homes in gated communities receive around-the-clock security to begin with. Some offer security checks of everyone entering the community. This allows homeowners to feel safe in knowing that not just everyone can drive up to their home. Instead, guests and residents must pass through security, and they typically will have a record of who comes and goes. Homeowners allow frequent visitors to pass through, cutting down on uninvited or unwanted guests. Of course, some might find these additional security checks to be something of a nuisance, but the benefits that they offer are clear to all.

Low Unwanted Traffic

One of the first things you will notice when living in a gated community in Las Vegas is traffic reduction. This is because the only people driving on the community streets will be your neighbors or their guests. Open neighborhoods often have to deal with people driving through the area to reach major roads or other destinations. People can’t drive through in transit to somewhere else. The end result is far less car traffic on the streets of the community and much more space for pedestrians. It also makes it much easier for you and your children to enjoy the outdoors and walking around the neighborhood. Limiting access to residents and guests allows gated communities to offer quiet residential streets where families can enjoy being outside.

Gated communities in Las Vegas also benefit from having almost no door-to-door solicitation. In an open neighborhood, your front door gets plastered with take-out menus, door hangers, and other junk advertisements on a daily basis. When access to your home is monitored by security in a gated community, you won’t need to waste time cleaning ads off your front door.

Gated Community Homes in All Price Ranges

Plenty of the valley’s most luxurious homes are in Las Vegas gated communities. Some communities include MacDonald Highlands in Henderson, or Queensridge. However, gated security isn’t exclusive to only the wealthiest communities. There are plenty of more affordable, middle-class planned communities boasting such tight security too. 24/7 gated security is also popular among golfing communities, such as Rhodes Ranch. If you’re looking for a secure, gated living arrangement, then contact the expert realtors at Brown Blankfeld; we’ll find the perfect solution for you and your family!