Joey Toth talks Pigeon Problems and Subterranean Termites

Las Vegas Real Estate Radio Show.

Joey Toth of Pitbull Pest Control returned as an expert contributor for our April 27th radio show broadcast as well. During his segment he talked more about subterranean termites and also discussed pigeon infestations.

Joey informed us that the arid land subterranean termite is native to the Las Vegas valley. He also cited the National Pest Management Association giving us the statistic that termites cause 5 billion dollars in damage annually in the United States alone. Joey was quick to point out that there are other wood destroying pests that they look out for as well as conditions conducive to a future infestation or evidence of a previous infestation. This is why a “wood destroying pest inspection” that we commonly refer to as just a termite inspection is so important.

In regards to pigeon infestation, Joey told us the most important thing for the technician is to determine how the pigeons are infesting the property before they can decide the best way to treat the problem. The first step in any treatment plan is exclusion and making the pigeons to find another place to live. There are several ways to treat and a customized plan should be developed to meet your property’s specific need.

As always, Joey provided a wealth of information to educate our listeners and we appreciate his contributions so much and look forward to his next appearance.

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