Joey Toth Talks Bees and Residential and Commerical Pest Control

Las Vegas Real Estate Radio Show.

After a one week hiatus, we were back in the studio delivering timely to our listeners and had Joey Toth of Pitbull Pest Control with us to educate our audience on what to do when a bee colony decides to set up shop on your property.

Joey explained the swarming season for bees starts as early as February and that’s when they start causing problems for homeowners when they build their hive inside an irrigation box or in unsealed roof eaves. The first step for the pest control technician is to determine if the bees on site are simply pollinating. Bees are supposed to pollinate and if that’s what they are doing there is really nothing a pest control technician can do. When bees are pollinating, Joey says leave them alone and they will leave you alone too! It’s when the pest control determines you have an exposed swarm or enclosed swarm that you will want to employ the services of a pest control technician to eradicate the swarm. Joey further told us that his company treats all bee infestations like they are African honey bees for safety measures because both African and European honey bees behave the same with the key difference being that African honey bees are much more aggressive and send many more bees to defend their colony when it’s “attacked”.

Another topic that Joey revisited with us is the difference between residential and commercial pest control service. With residential service, the technician’s purpose is to make sure that when the consumer sees only dead bugs which are the common, general pests consisting of roaches, ants, crickets, spiders, etc. These pests find their way into homes foraging for food which is why preventative routine service is the best remedy in residential environments. In contract, commercial pest control is more about the inspection and identifying situations that are conducive to an infestation such as how the food is handled, cleanliness of the staff and their behavioral practices such as are they cleaning thoroughly. In the commercial sector, Joey outlines how he believes the pest control technicians are at the forefront of public health and at Pitbull Pest Control, they take that responsibility very seriously.

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