Home Renting or Buying: Which Is The Better Deal?

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Home Renting or Buying: Which Is Better Deal

Home ownership.Ā The thought of it can be a bit daunting. They have to pay for theirĀ mortgage and pay for any repairs they have to make. If they rent, they’re paying someone else’s mortgage and most repairs only incur a small fee from the tenants. This leads to the perception that perhaps renting is better than buying a home. But is it really?

CreditLoan.com created this great infographic to break down the true cost of home ownership, from an article posted on Moolanomy.com (which can be found here). Some of these numbers might surprise you. If you’re thinking about whether you should rent or buy, then the information below is for you!

Renting or Buying A Home: Which Is Better

Did this infographic help you out? Perhaps you have another source that broke down renting vs. buying for you in better terms? If so, let us know! WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

** Infographic courtesy of CreditLoan.com and Moolanomy.com. Cover Image courtesy of MinimalismIsSimple.com. **