Harvey Blankfeld & Shelley Brown recap June 15th Radio Show

Las Vegas Real Estate Radio Show.

Our Father’s day radio show on June 15th was capped off with Harvey & Shelley’s wrap up segment which included Harvey’s stat of the week, Shelley’s weekly fun fact and a shout out to all the Dad’s in our life with an extra special mention to Harvey’s dad, David Blankfeld, who volunteers in our office and helps us with all our loose ends.

Harvey’s stat of the week was from an article in the Associated Press that lists Nevada’s foreclosure rate as 8th in the nation behind Maryland, Florida and five other states. This translates to a 9% decline from last month and a 53% decline from last year in foreclosure filings in the state of Nevada. What great news for our market and economy.

Shelley’s weekly fun fact did not disappoint when Shelley told the story of a man that started with a single red paperclip and over the course of several months, traded all the way up to his own 2 story farm house in Canada. Now that’s creative financing at its finest!!

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