Goals are Tools

Personal Development.


By this time of the year, you start hearing from your friends and associates how they have fallen short of their New Year’s resolutions. The failed intentions, goals that were unrealistic and unobtainable are as common as the ritualistic declarations made only several weeks earlier. For some this may be perceived as a failure of life and establishes the tone for the year by fulfilling their lowered expectations of themselves.  For others their declared goals were nothing more than frivolous exhortations that sounded “good” at the time, but represented little commitment to their fruition. I believe most represent the latter.

Goals are a “funny thing”. They can be constructive by creating focus in life directions and responsibilities. They also may work in disconcert with our intentions by being counter productive to our creative processes. I have been a goal setter all my life; I find it invaluable in maintaining direction in my business where sometimes there is a lack of structure and support. I believe that is true for any self-employed individual who must rely on their own efforts for their livelihood. I try, however, to find balance between goal setting and realistic expectations. Structure, if created carefully, will not stifle your creativity; your creativity is the ingredient, which makes you unique and most successful in business and life. I also believe you must never be afraid to deviate from your goals; keeping in mind that there may be consequence in doing so. You will accept the risk and “press forward” with caution.

My personal and business goals may not be declared in writing like some, but they are ingrained in my conscience. They are enveloped with a strong sense of fairness and generosity. I believe that treating my clients, associates and friends with equality and honesty are essential to achieving success in business and life. As this year progresses, I am sure that I will fall short in some of my objectives and other’s expectations; but I will not let that deter me from how I treat my business and my relationships; always with the utmost concern and professionalism. Please give me an opportunity this year to provide my services for your real estate questions, concerns or intentions.