Full Circle

Las Vegas Foreclosures, Las Vegas Home Sales.


It was only 16 years ago that I relocated to the Las Vegas area. I feel like a native resident that has experienced a lifetime of changes to their once quaint town. The fluctuations in the real estate market have gone full circle. In 1995 we saw nominal appreciation with reasonable value to entice the newcomer. Just a few years forward in time the frenzy had started with values soaring to unsustainable highs, auction sales and the introduction of a new buyer to this community, the speculative investor. Today, the interesting fact that supports my premise is that we are now at median home pricing below the 1995 values, with still depreciating values in some areas. Where have the opportunists gone? Most of them have left the area through property abandonment, foreclosure or bankruptcy proceedings. Unfortunately many well-intentioned buyers have been left holding the proverbial real estate bag with little recourse, but they are attempting to hold onto the dream that once was to provide both a lifetime shelter and a lucrative retirement investment.

The real estate picture to some is bleak; to others it once again presents opportunity. Investment perspective, insensitivity to risk aversion, and timing influence our real estate decisions today more than ever. No one can afford to make an ill-conceived financial move of this magnitude. The ability to recover from poor decisions may take a lifetime, or for some will never be achieved. Now more than ever, the perspectives of those who have experienced the ups and downs of this outrageous market are invaluable.

When I began writing this article my intent was not to commercialize the services of the Realtor. However, I have seen over the years that people who have been successful in business and investments surround themselves with those that they trust and have the expertise to provide constructive, objective and knowledgeable advice. It is no different if your intentions are to sell, buy, or even rent property in today’s market. Take advantage of the know-how that is available to you, even if you believe that an individual situation is beyond the abilities of the real estate professional. Keep in mind that they also surround themselves with the best available experts that support the industry and are available to facilitate and most importantly “make clear” your decision path.