Empty Nester Homes in Las Vegas

What Empty Nesters Want in a New Home

Once the kids are gone, many people are in the market for a new home. Whether it’s upsizing, downsizing, or looking for ways to accommodate a new lifestyle, there are always lots of items on the new home wish list.

Brown Blankfeld can help empty nesters find the perfect home to help realize their “after the kids” dream lifestyle. Here are some of the most desired features that empty nesters, baby boomers and early retirees ask about:

Easy Maintenance

Many empty-nesters don’t want to spend a lot of time and energy maintaining their homes. Features like tile or hardwood flooring are both easy to maintain and attractive. Low maintenance but eye-catching desert landscaping saves time, effort and gardener costs. Desert landscaping is an excellent choice as it requires minimal care and uses little water. Many empty-nester baby boomers also want homes that come with new, high-quality appliances that make their lives easier and more convenient. Smart home features like set-it-and-forget-it thermostats, lighting and security make the home more comfortable and safer.

Single Story Homes

Many buyers over the age of fifty are looking to keep things simple and easy as they age. Whether it’s a one story home or a multi-level home that’s been redesigned, homes that have everything on the first floor are in demand. Having a master bedroom and at least one bathroom on the ground floor is easier on knees and hips. Empty nesters also want high-use amenities nearby, including laundry rooms.

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Open Floor Plan Homes

Open spaces make life easier and more comfortable. Barrier-free rooms include open floor plans, wide doorways, and wide hallways. Open living areas are great for relaxing or entertaining and, with fewer walls and doors between rooms, they make the home feel more spacious. Larger and more luxurious bathrooms are also in demand. Along with upgraded fixtures, granite countertops and plenty of lighting, many empty nesters appreciate large and open walk-in showers and tubs, equipped with convenient shower seating and grab bars for safety.


Lots of Storage

While many people want to downsize in square footage once the kids have moved out, they like the smaller home to have lots of storage space. Many empty nesters have acquired lots of belongings over their lifetimes that represent meaningful memories. Sometimes they also have to store their children’s things while the kids are in college or getting settled. Walk-in closets, lots of cabinets and external storage spaces are important. Multi-car garages with space for pursuing hobbies and storing recreational vehicles are also important to baby boomers. Now that the kids are gone, empty nesters look for floor plans and spaces to help them declutter and simplify their lives.

Amenities and Location

The location of a home is often as important as the actual house. Many older individuals want to be within close driving or even walking distance to services, shopping and restaurant options. Being close to quality medical care and recreational activities is also important. Las Vegas and Henderson have many communities that are built around empty nester lifestyles with shopping, services and entertainment options designed into the planned community. These communities often have convenient recreational options built right in, from neighborhood parks, tennis courts and community recreation centers, to golf courses and country clubs.

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Luxury Living

Many empty nesters are ready to enjoy a little luxury in their new homes. Some are looking for a swimming pool, a popular amenity in the sunny Las Vegas climate. Indoor upgrades might include custom cabinets, granite countertops and upgraded appliances in the kitchen. Besides large, gourmet kitchens, recreation and game rooms are also popular. Extra luxurious bathrooms are always a hit. Buyers look for features like decorator sinks, brass plumbing fixtures, frameless glass showers, heated floors, jacuzzi bath and sauna rooms for an at-home spa experience.

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