Daniel Chung talks Financial Planning for Young Families

Las Vegas Real Estate Radio Show.

Daniel Chung with Mass Mutual was back with us with more great information for our listeners. For his August 3rd segment, Daniel focused on educating the younger population on the importance of planning for retirement and saving for rainy days as soon as possible. When you set up these plans and policies in your twenties you are able to lock in competitive low rates and ensure the financial security of your family in the event of unforseen circumstances.

Daniel uses the lifetime economic calculator to determine your lifetime economic value which includes your employer paid benefits, your health insurance, your retirement plans and the services you provide at your home for your family. Daniel stresses that this foundational planning is pivotal for all families including young families as it eliminates the risks from unexpected events. This includes more than just retirement planning but also naming guardians for your children and medical directives. Daniel adds that it is less expensive than you think and requires some time to seek out the help of the qualified professionals to help you achieve your family’s goals.

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