Rick Saxen talks Condo Insurance & Owner Liability

Las Vegas Real Estate Radio Show.

Our second guest in studio with us on April 20th was Rick Saxen of American Best Insurance who came back to shed some light on H-06 or what we may know more commonly as Condo Insurance. Rick explained that while the homeowner’s association may insure the structure (the box), separate condo insurance is required to cover your personal belongings, flooring, cabinetry, appliances and fixtures.

Rick also touched on how condo insurance provides the liability protection needed in case of accident or injury in your condo unit which is extremely important coverage to have in place.

Another reason we love working with Rick is that he is constantly reviewing the policies and making sure we have the best coverage at the best price. Once less thing we have to worry about doing ourselves!

Rick also shared with us his passion for fishing in his spare time and bragged about his twin daughters who are both currently in the nursing program at Northern Arizona University.

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