Another Satisfied Customer: Excellent Review from Mr. White

Las Vegas Home Sales, Las Vegas Short Sales.

We received a testimonial today from one of our clients today that was nice enough to pass along their kind words to our broker. We love hearing from our clients and knowing we have provided excellent service:

March 14, 2013

Mark Stark

2140 E. Pebble Rd #160

Las Vegas, NV 89123


Dear Mr. Stark:

I wanted to write to you commending two of your outstanding employees at BROWN BLANKFELD GROUP. Harvey Blankfeld and office manager Sara Longhurst.

I was referred to Harvey from my attorney Randy M. Creighton, Esq. who spoke highly about him. When I met Harvey at my house the first time , I was very impressed of how extremely knowledgeable he was with the short sale process. He guided me through the steps, and answered all of my numerous questions. We had an “open house” on several different days to increase my chances to find new buyers. Harvey is a valuable asset to the company, and his professionalism is “top notch”. I will definitely recommend Harvey to my friends , and anyone who needs a real estate agent. Great job Harvey, and thank you.

Shortly after meeting Harvey, I was introduced to the office manager Sara Longhurst. I was told Sara will be contacting the bank for the short sale approval, and I would be sending her documents for the package. I soon found out how well Sara knows her job. She was diligently calling the bank every other day to get a negotiator assigned to the file. When she found out the bank had my file in the load modification department, she did not let up with the emails and telephone calls until the file was assigned to the short sale department. She kept me up to date with the status of the short sale the entire process. When the bank needed more documents, Sara would call or email me to expedite the process. JOB WELL DONE.

Both Sara, and Harvey are dedicated to their jobs. I was provided OUTSTANDING service from both and, they went above and beyond their duties. They really do care about the client’s needs. I’m very grateful to have found them on Randy’s recommendation. Thank you Randy.

I’m in the final stage of the short sale process, and should be closing soon. Keep up the great work.

Yours truly,


Anthony White


Cc Harvey Blankfeld 

Sara Longhurst

 Randy Creighton, Esq.