A Special Thanks and Blessing

Personal Development.

Can you believe the passage of time? This month I am celebrating an anniversary with my friends and clients that have been receiving this monthly newsletter. It was just four years ago that I started this publication. We have covered much ground; I hope you have found it interesting and not boring; maybe a little controversial, but sometimes that is acceptable. I promise to keep you informed on what I see are important real estate concerns and a little “food for thought” along the way. I want to thank the many clients that have given their trust to me these past years and I am thankful that this newsletter was the conduit from which I have had the opportunity to serve them in their real estate needs.

April is synonymous with the Easter/Passover period. Even if you may not celebrate the religious foundation of this singular time, it traditionally represents a period of awakening. We see it all around us in the change of seasons: our clocks move forward, green starts to break out on dormant trees, birds are more visible and noisy. The anticipation of the season becomes evident in all that we do. It is with this thought in mind that I wish each of you continued health and vitality throughout this year, and that it brings a stirring of our senses and an appreciation of our many blessings that surround us.